A1 Beginner Level Spanish Class for Adults (In Person)

A1 Beginner Level (In Person)

Once per week – 2 hours class – 10 weeks (20 hours)

Our A1 Spanish course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental building blocks of the language. At this level, you'll master the basics of communication, enabling you to greet others, introduce yourself, describe people, objects, and places, and express simple sentences about everyday topics. You'll also learn to convey your preferences, moods, and tastes. By the end of the course, you'll be able to understand and extract essential information from basic texts and conversations, expanding your everyday vocabulary.

Textbook: Nuevo Español en Marcha. Book and CD.



Date and times

Starts Wednesday, November 1

Wednesday, November 1 - Wednesday, January 3 6 - 8 PM

Every Wednesday

10 weeks (20 hours)