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How Does Learning a New Language Improve Your Memory?

New memory formation is akin to a seed that germinates in the ground. If the seed is not protected during its earliest stages of growth, then it will die off before it can take root. The factors that enable a new memory to grab hold in the matrix of your brain’s grey matter include practice and rehearsal, imagination and creative …

The Spanish Schoolhouse is Celebrating 13 Years of Community Teaching

This privately held Spanish school has been around since 2004 and plans to stick around for many more years to come. “As the Toronto, North York, Thornhill and Richmond Hill communities continue to diversify and grow, there is an increased interest in parents ensuring that their children learn a second or even third language” says Veronica Citrino, co-founder of the …

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is Spanish language-immersion education?
How will learning a second language help my child?
Will Spanish immersion hinder my child’s English language skills or integration into the regular school system?
What if I don’t speak Spanish? How will I be able to reinforce the language at home?
Why enroll my child at The Spanish School House?
Where can I learn more about language acquisition? What …

The Spanish Schoolhouse is turning 10

Growth of Thornhill’s first and only independent Spanish school for children driven by growing community interest in Spanish as second language A desire by two Spanish-speaking mothers to teach their kids their native language has evolved into a full-fledged independent Spanish school with multiple programs and locations that is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. “It’s an exciting milestone,” says …