What People Say About
The Spanish Schoolhouse

Geronimo C,
I am very happy with my Spanish classes! The teachers are very attentive and funny. I recommend the Spanish Schoolhouse to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in a fast and fun way.
Sergio de
Thanks to the spanish schoolhouse our daughter quickly improved her spanish skills and did so with joy and eager to join every class. Thanks!
Alenna S.
Very engaging Spanish classes for adults!
Jessica D.
This such an amazing program with amazing teachers! Highly recommend
Sienna Francis
Love the adult program, very engaging. Totally recommend!
Frankie I.
This place was amazing! I truly learned so much and the learning experience was fun, inclusive and interactive - highly recommend it.
Mat I.
My girls have been enrolled in the learn Spanish at your home program for two years now. Coming from Florida, they picked up some words there and were intruiged by their Spanish speaking friends. So I enrolled them in this program when we came to Toronto and have not looked back since! The way this school teaches kids and more importantly keeps them engaged in a foreign language is masterful and something that I never thought possible before starting them at The Spanish Schoolhouse.
Homa T.
My daughter has been taking private classes at the Spanish schoolhouse for 5 years. She absolutely loves her classes! As I watched her Spanish improve, I decided to take classes of my own and haven't looked back. Would recommend TSSH to anyone looking to kickstart their Spanish journey from scratch or enhance their already existing skills.
Eric C.
I took an adult Spanish class, and it was amazing!! Everyone there is so nice and welcoming. I asked for some clarification and help and my teacher was more than willing to help me get to where I wanted to be. A great experience and I HIGHLY recommend. If you want to learn Spanish even as an adult, this is the place to go.
Vivian W.
A great little place that cultivates a love of learning thru play. The education is top notch and the teacher is caring. My son loves going to class and has learned so much.
Maria J.
My son joined the Spanish school house this year. He loves it, his improvement in spanish has been so quickly. Mrs. Veronica is a great teacher, loving and caring.
Zhinus J.
My oldest daughter started attending their Preschool program and is enjoying now going on Saturdays to the Spanish club class. My youngest daughter is currently attending their Preschool program and I have only positive things about the program. It's a wonderful place to learn a new language in a fun way. The staff is very well prepared and the curriculum is wonderful.
Karolina G.
My oldest daughter has been receiving Spanish lesson taught by Mrs. Veronica. It's been a few years now and she has learned a tremendous amount of Spanish. The classes are engaging and she challenges my daughter to learn more and more weekly. We are so happy to have found The Spanish School House. This year, I have also enrolled my younger 2 kids to start learning Spanish with Mrs. Veronica. They too are starting to learn and enjoy doing the classes. I would recommend the Spanish School House to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish. Thank you so much Mrs. Veronica for your commitment, dedication and excellence!
Niveditha Balasubramaniam
I have used the Spanish Schoolhouse continually for over 6 years. My son started full time at the age of 4yrs, and my daughter started at the age of 6yrs. They have both participated in many summer camps and continue to enhance their Spanish skills with weekly private lessons taught by Veronica. I also began taking Spanish lessons while my children were enrolled and continue twice a week with private lessons taught by Alexis at the Spanish Schoolhouse. We are a family with no Spanish background or another second language. We do, however, feel strongly about the importance of learning a second language that is not only “popular” but used so regularly around the world! The teachers at the Spanish Schoolhouse, (Veronica, Sandra and Alexis), are very knowledgeable, use effective learning techniques and keep the classes fun and interesting! We will continue to use the Spanish Schoolhouse for all our learning! I would highly recommend this school for your family.
Janice Wong
My son has been part of the Spanish Club for almost a year now. I love that it’s an all Spanish environment. At four years old, his program is less about book based learning than games and song, which I think is just perfect. It brings Spanish alive for him, makes it fun and relevant and he no longer resists our use of multiple languages at home. Thanks Sandra and Veronica for all your great work!
Niveditha Balasubramaniam
This was exactly what I was looking for as I knew immersion was the best way for my young children to learn another language quickly. Both my children have been coming to the Spanish school house since they were around two, and have picked up Spanish very quickly. Teachers only speak Spanish during class time so the kids are exposed to the language on a constant basis. The teachers are warm and friendly and create a great nurturing environment for the kids to learn.
Denise Acton
The teachers at the Spanish Schoolhouse, (Veronica, Sandra and Alexis), are very knowledgeable, use effective learning techniques and keep the classes fun and interesting! We will continue to use the Spanish Schoolhouse for all our learning! I would highly recommend this school for your family.
Gillian Pearl
My experience with The Spanish Schoolhouse has been positive right from the beginning. I went to their Main Location to meet the Owner and Staff and to learn more about the Spanish Program. The Registration process was very simple. Veronica is an amazing teacher. My daughter absolutely loves her and can’t wait for me to leave once we get to class. Veronica took our cell phone numbers on the first day of class to be sure she could contact us if need be. She is very responsible and diligent and creates a very safe and positive environment in the classroom. My daughter is only in JK and therefore I was amazed at what she was learning, the alphabet, how to read in Spanish and the rich vocabulary. Veronica really sets the students up so that they can properly converse in Spanish. And the best part is that my daughter is retaining what she learns! She is getting more comfortable in Spanish with each lesson and now enjoys practicing with me at home (I do not speak Spanish so I am learning too!). I highly recommend The Spanish Schoolhouse and look forward to my daughter continuing to learn there for many years to come.
Stacey Sison
My son participated in the preschool program at the Spanish Schoolhouse, one day per week for approximately 6 months. In a very short period of time, he began speaking Spanish at home with his father, singing songs, and saying simple sentences to get his needs met. I really appreciated that the teachers only spoke Spanish with the children, supported the children to pronounce and repeat words correctly, and used music and interactive games to engage them in learning. The program offered an opportunity to immerse my son in the Spanish language and helped him to build the confidence he needed to practice the language. Sandra and Veronica were excellent teachers and I would highly recommend them!