Summer program

The Spanish School House offers classes during July and August. Children will participate in a language learning component, comprehension, conversation, reading, and writing along with cultural activities, reinforcing with fun activities: Music, storytelling, games, projects, arts and crafts.

Summer Classes

(6 - 12 years)

Welcome to the 19th session of The Spanish Schoolhouse Summer program, where the Spanish language comes to life through a variety of linguistic and recreational programs!

Immerse your child in Spanish and join us for a summer experience like no other! No prior Spanish training is required - our classes are great for all skill levels!

In-person classes

Spanish classes will continue to be offered on Saturday mornings during the summer months. All instruction and activities will be taught in Spanish but with a camp twist.


Dates:  Saturday classes running from July 8 to August 26, 10:00 - 12:00 pm

Location:  Brebeuf school ~ 211 Steeles Ave. East, North York

Cost:  8 classes $384 plus HST

Activities: arts and crafts – storytelling – music and movement – traditional games – dress up days –cooking


Program Overview

Language component: Students will learn conversational Spanish for daily communication related to greetings, the calendar and everyday vocabulary. Depending on the children’s age, they will also learn basic reading and writing. More advanced and heritage speakers will also develop reading, writing and comprehension skills with other children who are at similar levels.

Cultural activities: Students will become familiar with the characteristics and traditions of various Spanish-speaking countries.

Music and dance: Everyone will be introduced to the various sounds of Latin music, instruments, and singers.

Crafts and storytelling: Daily crafts will help to reinforce the language concepts being taught each week. Storytelling will give students an opportunity to listen to some traditional and non-traditional stories.

Games: Time will be spent each day playing a variety of games in Spanish that encourage conversation.

Week #1 Let's travel

Week #2 A trip into space

Week #3 Under the sea

Week #4 Animal planet

Week #5 Tropical paradise

Week #6 Rainforest adventure

Week #7 Nature

Week #8 Carnival

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Spanish Summer Program
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